Landscape Installation

We also do landscape installation, not just landscape design. Consequently, getting just one company to do all the phases of landscaping will save you money and time, and give you peace of mind.

Since it is our design, we also know the technicalities of making it a reality. No worries if the design is made by someone else—we can still make it come to life.


Landscape Installation A landscape has two distinct parts—and one is the hardscape. Examples of this are retaining walls, driveways, outdoor living rooms, outdoor kitchens and BBQs, woodworks, pools, and pergolas.

All these and more hardscape areas in a landscape have special sections in our services page. This only goes to show that our company is experienced and confident enough to offer such separate services. The only difference with landscape installation is that, more of these will be built at once.

Besides the best manpower in Florida, our team also uses the best hardscape materials offered by Belgard and Tremron, which are among the most reputable suppliers of pavers and natural stones. We only recommend pavers and natural stones because of their proven quality and their stunning elegance. Plus, they’re flexible for anything.

But, not anyone can construct something using pavers and stones. Incidentally, only those with ICPI certification, like Dreamscape, are allowed to do that.


Landscape Installation If hardscape is the ying, softscape is the yang of landscapes. This is the vegetation part where shrubs, flowers, lawns, and trees belong to. Florida is a pretty decent state for wide variety of vegetations. But, this doesn’t mean any plant can grow and survive on your land. That doesn’t mean also that you will be highly restricted on the plant choices during the landscape installation.

Talk with our plant experts and they can help you come up with the best set of plants that are not only beautiful, but also easily maintained and environment-friendly. You’ll be surprised how many lovely shrubs, flowers, grasses, and trees can be combined for a beautiful garden.

Other Landscape Elements

A landscape is not just a combination of hardscape and softscape. It is a man-made ecosystem with living and non-living things. It needs more than just plants and stones to support this whole new community. An irrigation system has to be there, too, but this should be a sustainable one.

Your landscape will also need appropriate lights that are not only functional but can also flatter the beautiful elements of the area. The lighting system is not usually included in the design. Don’t worry, though, because our landscape installation service will include that for you.

Installing Landscape

Landscape installation is a tough work because it’s usually a huge project that involves a great need for manpower, equipment, and the best materials. But at Dreamscape, we have all these and more.

You don’t have to have a big project to enjoy the benefits of working with us. It will not matter whether the project is big or small. What matters for us is the satisfaction of your needs, wants, and future plans.

While other companies move from task to task, our company takes all projects seriously, as if every aspect of landscape installation is a masterpiece in the making.

Besides our creativity is our full license, certifications, and guarantees for your peace of mind. Our team’s ultimate mission is to increase the value of your property and make sure that the landscape will be used to its fullest potential.

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